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We are a secular homeschooling community of inspired and motivated families educating our freethinking spitfires. We are here because secular homeschoolers need a stronger voice and presence

No longer is homeschooling dominated by parents seeking to shield their children from the worldly teachings of the public school system. Secular homeschooling is a fast-growing movement in the home education community. 

We are educating to empower and tantalize inquisitive minds with real science, proven history, and free thought. We do not seek to shield, we seek to understand. We recognize that young minds are impressionable and should be encouraged to open, not to close.

Why Did I Create Secular Homeschooler in 2017?

Secular Homeschooler was created because a frustrated mom (that would be me!) that jumped into the world of homeschooling and discovered how heavily dominated it was by creationist learning material. 

I found myself drawn to beautiful communities that, as it turned out, either required a statement of faith or were simply geared towards families of faith. It’s one thing to be friendly to families of faith, it’s a different thing to cater to only one kind of faith and reject real-world educational opportunities because of it. 

The worst experience was spending hard-earned, start-up homeschooling money to buy recommended resources that turned out to be underhandedly mislabeled as secular or neutral. #NERDRAGE

I needed to create this site and I hope you find it helpful.

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