Evan-Moor Grammar and Punctuation 1st Grade Skill Sharpener’s Review

The Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners Grammar & Punctuation workbook can help your learner become a better writer and also learn more about grammar and punctuation rules. (I mean, the title does give it away.) Every unit in this workbook covers a grammar concept and a punctuation concept! At the end of each unit, there is an […]

Prime Day for Secular Homeschoolers

Alright, let’s talk about this Amazon Prime Day thing that people keep yapping about. We’re coming into the season where everyone wants us to buy everything. It’s emotionally and financially exhausting. But if we play our cards right, it can also be really helpful for our household and our homeschool because companies know that ’tis […]

Using Amazon Kids+ For Homeschooling

We’re an Unapologetically Tech-Friendly Family We’re a really techy family. I don’t have screen-time limitations for my kids now the same way that I did when I first became a mom. My first couple of kiddos went two years of life without any screentime, which is a stark contrast to my second couple of kiddos […]

What’s Wrong With Banning Books?

Banned Books Week is September 22nd-28th! Banned Books Week my favorite excuse to explore thought-provoking literature. As if we need an excuse, right? But truly, Banned Books Week could be considered the ultimate homeschool event of the year. The topic of Banned Books is fertile ground for conversations about free speech and the dangers of […]