How to Use Secular Homeschooler Groups and Forums


Hey there! We’re pretty excited about our new group forum features! Feel free to ask any questions if you’re confused about the process.

Our groups are organized topic spaces based on whatever is needed. On the “homepage” of a group, you can share you thoughts or get quick answers, much like in a Facebook forum. (We opted away from Facebook because of the drama, distractions, and chaos.) When you click on the “forum” tab within a group you can see topic threads that have been started or you can even create new topic threads. These are good places to organize thoughts and information in a more “permanent reference” kind of way.


  1. Please don’t use the forums as an advertising space. Unless that’s what that specific forum is for. Or it makes sense.

  2. All posts MUST stay on the thread or category topic. For example, let’s not move the discussion to “forest school activities” if the topic is “small space organization.” Go start a new topic thread!

  3. All threads that are nothing but a ‘test’ or an ‘ad’ will be deleted.

  4. If you link out randomly to your own site when it’s not relevant, the thread or post will be deleted. If the links are relevant to the thread, that’s fine. Please use your best judgment here.

  5. Be respectful of other people’s opinions and ideas. It’s okay to disagree and have different opinions, but present your case tactfully. This is a community.

  6. Please don’t use affiliate links in this forum. When you externally link, do it because you want to help someone, not because you see a quick opportunity to make some cash.

  7. Try to add value when you post. Don’t just type something along the lines of “What they said.”

  8. Use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. We gotta set a good example for the world as secular homeschoolers!

  9. No adult material. Be mindful and respectful.

  10. We’re here to give and receive help and support!


Create an account by clicking the REGISTER button in the top right corner of our website. You can manually create an account through your email or you can sign up through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account!


If your profile photo didn’t automatically pull from your social media, make sure to upload one. You can also upload a cover photo for you SH profile. Make sure to add your social media, email, website, and/or shop if you want them included. If you have a YouTube channel, for example, your bio is the perfect place to advertise it!


You can share your thoughts on a group homepage must like you would in a Facebook group. Here, that space is perfect for time-sensitive questions, quick news or comments, and temporary events like a giveaway applicable to the group topic!

You can create a new forum topic for others to contribute to! If you want to talk about supply organization and there is already a thread created for it, use that. But if there isn’t then MAKE MAKE MAKE! We’ll make sure to share it across social media so that it can become a robust hub of info.


If you’re looking for support beyond a single forum thread, you can create a whole group! Let’s say that you love nature journaling but there isn’t a devoted group yet. That’s the perfect opportunity to create one! To create a new group, simply click CREATE A GROUP (shown below) and follow the steps. Do not worry about adding a cover photo or group photo if you don’t have any. I’ll regularly check in on the groups and make sure to beautify as needed.


Click on the group that you’d like to create a forum topic within. Click on the Forum page within that group. Underneath the list of residing threads is an “add new topic” form!