Secular Homeschooler reached out to Torchlight to request a sample of their program in order to write this post series as knowledgeably as possible. There are no affiliate links within this post.

Verdict: Super Secular!

Recommended For: Humanist-leaning families that LOVE books.

We have been using Torchlight Level One (with my 1st grader) and Level Two (with my 3rd grader) since September. It is heavily rooted in easy-to-access literature as well as a lot of hands-on projects. I was able to get most of the required books from our public library. Torchlight has a complete list of the necessary materials on their website! (Purchasing through their links supports their company through affiliate commissions.)

Organizing our material and plans, at first, felt overwhelming. It’s very complete. Luckily they include a full schedule for you to follow! I printed out the entire year-long plan on double-sided paper and popped it into a binder. Then I set up separate booklets (like Our Book of Myths) in folders! When I get around to it, I plan to have the pages printed and bound into a workbook instead, as the folder thing wasn’t the most sturdy of ideas.

Things I love about it:

Wait, what is the Socratic Method?

“Socratic method – A teaching technique in which a teacher does not give information directly but instead asks a series of questions, with the result that the student comes either to the desired knowledge by answering the questions or to a deeper awareness of the limits of knowledge.”  The Free Dictionary

From the Torchlight blog: What Does Using the Socratic Method Look Like?


Conclusion: Would Recommend

It’s simply a much-needed breath-of-fresh-air in the homeschooling world.

3 Responses

  1. Awesome review, I agree on every point! I especially love how it teaches skepticism, the Socratic model use really encourages deeper thinking and questioning.

  2. Thanks, we’ll check it out for Level 3. We have been using BuildYourLibrary (currently doing Level 0 and Level 2), but would like to move to one curriculum for both kids next year, because… whew!

  3. Many of the mothers I know, who are also home schooling their kids, are using The Homeschool Printing Company to have this and similar curriculum printed and bound. They tell me it’s fairly inexpensive.

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