Alright, let’s talk about this Amazon Prime Day thing that people keep yapping about. We’re coming into the season where everyone wants us to buy everything.

It’s emotionally and financially exhausting. But if we play our cards right, it can also be really helpful for our household and our homeschool because companies know that ’tis the season. So let’s get real about it.

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What is Prime Day?

Think of it like Black Friday for Amazon. It’s a big deals, deals, and more deals party that everyone makes a big whoop about. It technically lasts about two days and includes ongoing sales as well as lighting sales. I think it’s normally done in July but this year is bonkers so why not switch it up a bit anyway, amirite?

If I were going to buy a TV or any other tech device new, it’d be on Prime Day. That’s mostly what I use it for. (We are a very techy family ourselves. Something I’m not in the least bit ashamed about.)

You can view ALL the Prime Day deals here, but I’m going to pull what I think might be the most applicable to you in this post.

Do I Have to Have a Prime Account to Participate in Prime Day?

Technically, yes. But you don’t have to pay for it.

You can totally grab a free trial for 30 days and just hit cancel the trial before it ends. (We all do it, don’t pretend we don’t.)

I personally DO have a Prime account that I pay yearly on with my tax return because I benefit a lot from it. And actually, because I’m a student again I believe I’ll get my renewal for free. I am a sucker for TV and movies plus I hate leaving my home so I do most of my shopping online.

Isn't It Bad to Support Amazon Because They're Big and Evil?

Here’s the thing, most of the things you buy on Amazon, you’ve purchased from an actual person that runs a small business from their living room office. They just use Amazon as their market place, storage, and handling.

Remember that not everything in the world is black and white. When you bought your white noise machine from Amazon, you bought it from an actual human just like you, trying to make it in small business.

Most products on Amazon are small business items being hosted there because it’s the largest marketplace in the world.

You can build your own small business with Amazon if that’s your jam. I, myself, sell print copies of our 4-issue special magazine series over there and am considering Amazon to distribute Secular Homeschooler stickers as well.

Amazon curently offering incentives for purchasing from Prime Day participating small businesses. 

Time to Talk About My Prime Day Recommendations!

Digital Homeschooling

Amazon FreeTime, or Kids+, is amazing. I don’t know what they’re calling it nowadays but we use it enthusiastically in our home. I like to be able to hand my 3-year-old his physically protected Kindle to play Khan Academy Kids. 

My older kids use their Kindles for e-books and audiobooks every single day. Their settings are a little more relaxed and I allow them filtered YouTube as well. 

I breakdown our Kindle & Kids+ usage more in this post.

Here are Some Other Great Prime Day Offers for Homeschool Families!

Home & Kitchen Supplies

See all Discounted Subscription Boxes

Educational Subscription Kits:
Under $10

Highlights Hidden Pictures

There is a choice for three to six-year-olds and another for six plus!

Highlights Secret Spy Adventures

I was actually so excited to see that these secret spy adventures were still a thing from Highlights. I legitimately got all of these each month as a kid and still remember that time fondly. I learned a lot about the world from it and really felt like a cool spy.

Educational Subscription Kits
Under $20

Little Passports: Science Expiditions

Educational Subscription Kits
Under $30

Wonder Crate

We've actually reviewed Wonder Crate here on the blog! It's a great subscription choice for homeschooling.


BitsBox partnered with Secular Homeschooler in January, if you remember, to provide a free coding activity. Prime Day has a pretty sweet deal on their monthly subscription box right now!

Educational Magazines for Young Homeschoolers!

Zoodinos Magazine

Yeah, this one was a no-brainer in our house.

Educational Magazines for Older Homeschoolers!

Updated at 2:10 p.m. on Prime Day 2020

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