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4. Meet the Contributors

6. Patreon Feature

7. letter from the editor

8.our favorite traditions both old and new by katie flindall

10. back to homeschool by marja sovero

14. creating traditions by jessica jackson

18. the great backyard bird watch by marja sovero

26. why i don’t celebrate the holiday i was born on by niki brooks

28. how we celebrate ada lovelace day by tristan lawler

34. birthdays as the main events of our year by adrienne brown-david

40. getting on moontime by nicolette sowder

46. preparing for the colder months mentally and emotionally by miranda zacharias

48. celebrating the light: the story of sankta lucia by amanda gregg and rachel robinson

56. homeschooling with the olympics by elena grover

58. social justice and the olympics, an editor’s note by nick stone

60. stay weird: a celebratory invitation by megan van sype

66. our alternative easter celebration by dani johnston

70. thoughts on darwin day by marja sovero

74. a spark, a light: the wonders of martinmas by meghan sheffield and katie flindall

78. book resolutions by shianese meyers84. making art with mab’s drawloween club by frankie stone

86. building community through potluck by christine emming

88. holidays at our house by amy dunollie

92. a secular take on the christmas holiday by renee woodliff100. mini submissions102. more to consider104. notes and more

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