Secular Homeschooler Magazine Issues One, Two, and Three – DIGITAL BUNDLE

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Secular Homeschooler Magazine: Issues No. One, Two, & Three! (Digital Bundle)

A Collection for the New Generation of Homeschoolers

Our AD-FREE community journal collections carry beautiful full-color homeschooling advice, experiences, ideas, and support from an intersectional array of parents educating their own.

Audience: Secular Homeschooler Magazine is compiled by parent educators for parent educators.

Specifications: This is the digital version of the magazine!


Articles Included in Issue Number One (104 pages) —

+Ebb & Flow: A Homeschool Mother’s Journey by Jessica Rivera

+Making Room for Mountains by Jamie Berg

+Math Beyond Worksheets by E.M. Stone

+Social Activism & Unschooling by Alicia Lucas

+Center Point by Meg Newlin

+Settling Into Those Learning Sweet Spots by Christine Powell Drew

+Gather by Em Bowers

+Introducing Nature Journaling to Your Homeschool by Christina Lowry

+Pen & Watercolour Leaf Tutorial by Christina Lowry

+Rekindle Your Sense of Childhood Passion by E.M. Stone

+Why There’s No “Required Reading” List in Our Home by Heather Esterday

+Alone in the Woods by Megan Van Sipe

+2,717 Miles by Jill Harper

+How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Gender-Diverse Friends by Liv Slama

+Homeschooling Digital Kids by Lauren Busfield

+At the Beginning by Jamie Berg

+8 Things We Love About Our Parent Partnership Program by E.M. Stone

+The Best Homeschool Advice I have Ever Received by Nadine Dyer

+Finding Freedom with Minimalism by Lindsay Rice

+Speak Po-et! An Interview by Anwulika Anigbo

+When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth by Shanan Colvin


Articles Included in Issue Number Two (104 pages) —

+From Dream to Reality by Makeba Garraway

+Nature Journaling in the Winter by Christina Lowry

+Pen and Watercolour Pinecone Tutorial by Christina Lowry

+Rhythms and Routines for Older Children by Maggie Sachse-Skidd

+Keeping My Toddler Busy by Mandy Wallace

+An Interview with Eisley’s Sherri Dupree by E.M. Stone

+Lucy’s Super Slime Recipe by Lucy Bemis, Age 5

+How I Accidentally Taught My Kids to Read by Shanan Colvin

+Travel Journal by Zula Rose, Age 5

+Secular, Classical Homeschooling by Courtney Ostaff

+Day to Day Minimalism by Lindsay Rice

+Finding Intention in the Freedom to Homeschool by Amanda Queen

+Bleed, Just Not to Death by Danyell Ballou

+Our Harry Potter Holiday by Jessica Jackson

+Our Homeschool Kitchen  by Tristan Lawler

+The Connected Family by Leah McDermott

+From Faith-Based to Free-Thinking by Christy Kafka

+Conversations – The Secret Ingredient of Homeschooling and Unschooling by Marty Lane


Articles Included in Issue Number Three (105 pages) —

+Discovering Magic in Prehistory by Dani Johnston

+How I Learned to Relax and Love Routines by Lisa Greenhut

+Self-Care While Homeschooling With a Baby by Amanda Queen

+No Matter Where My Children Go to School by Meg Newlin

+Bringing Art History Home by Adrienne Brown-David

+Freedom in Self-Directed Learning by Shannon Stewart

+Stories Breathe Life into Unit Studies by Nicole Blubaugh

+Maintaining a Relaxed Homeschool While Using Structured Curricula by Nadine Dyer

+Take Your Math Outside by Rachel Tidd

+Homeschooling the Gifted Child by Tiffany Hunter

+What is Loop Scheduling? by Christy Kafka

+Teaching in Grief by Amanda Davis

+Five Ways to Encourage Skeptical Thinking by E.M. Stone

+Blue Highways: Road Trip Schooling by Amanda Gregg

+Five Reasons Why Homeschooling Matters to Me by Percy, Frankie, Afram, Calvin, and Aksel


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