When starting their journey, most homeschooling parents begin by seeking advice from more experienced homeschoolers. There’s no one right way to homeschool, but there’s one piece of advice that comes up repeatedly: spend some time deschooling first! It can feel really scary for families to just “turn off” the schooling. Most of us have been conditioned to think that kids need structured teaching or they’ll languish. Even those of us who were homeschooled or unschooled have been raised in a society that values tightly structured schooling. So what is deschooling? How do you do it, and how do you know if it will work for your family?

Kelly George of Fearless Homeschool has the information and encouragement that you need to get started. Luckily, her module, Deschooling Essentials, is available as part of our bundle sale!
Deschooling and unschooling can be scary because it’s outside of the norm. You may be faced with critics, and you may have your own doubts to work through. With the mindful guidance that this module provides, you can work through your baggage and emerge confident in the approach you’ve chosen. When you take the time to think about what will work for your family and why you’ll proceed a particular way, your confidence won’t be easily shaken and you can focus on what’s important.

This resource is available to access immediately upon purchase and is split up into ten sections:

1) Welcome: Deschooling Essentials starts with a quick, reassuring video and offers a short workbook. The 5-page PDF is designed to help you develop and examine your feelings about what school should look like.

2) Deschooling- the what and the why: This section discusses the questions “What is deschooling?” and “Why is it important?”

3) Helping your children deschool: Your child can have education-related baggage of their own! This section offers guidelines for how to help them work through it.

4) Activities to include in a deschooling period: Offers a list of great ideas to inform the rhythm of your deschooling days.

5) Using your school experience to deschool : Here, Kelly shares a great video discussing hers and her husband’s experiences in school. It’s quite vulnerable and lovely, and may encourage you to examine your own school experiences in order to inform the way you teach your children.

6) The Deschooling Handbook: This is a 27-page PDF debunking 13 pervasive myths about learning.

7) Deschooling workshop replay: Contains a 45-minute video of an online workshop previously filmed by Fearless Homeschool.

8) A note about critics: Criticism can come from family members, or it can come from strangers at the grocery store (why do they do that??). Either way, Kelly is here to help you prepare.

9) Summary + extra resources: Remember what you’ve learned and peruse some suggested links.

10) Continuing your homeschooling journey: The last section contains a closing video and a credit towards the rest of Fearless Homeschool’s Zero to Homeschool course, of which Deschooling Essentials is the first module.
This program is concise; it won’t take you long to get through. The payoff is more than worth it: it’s full of practical advice that you can act on. This module provides assignments for you, the educator, which are designed to help you unpack your ideas about learning. This is good practice before jumping into homeschooling your child! Mindfulness in your homeschooling approach can really make a difference in your child’s experience.

The curriculum is written to a new homeschooling parent who’s just pulled their kid from traditional school. However, the advice contained would be helpful to any parent looking for guidance or inspiration in their homeschooling. In fact, in her closing video, Kelly points out that returning to this module can be helpful in times of anxiety- which most homeschooling parents experience!

Kelly George’s insights and writings are a fabulous resource. Even if you don’t think you particularly need guidance, you are bound to find something helpful or inspiring! Find it HERE or grab it through the bundle sale!

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