Secular Homeschooling With MasterClass Online Courses

How Can MasterClass Enrich Your Homeschool?

Can we use MasterClass online courses in our secular homeschool?

Homeschooling, especially secular homeschooling, is having its time in the spotlight. It’s also now normal and encouraged to use technology and online courses as a core part of home education! (Finally!) 

I homeschool my kids to tailor their education to their individual needs. Also, it offers them a well-rounded, worldly education outside of any religious framework.

MasterClass is an online education platform best known for offering expert content. Top renowned experts teach each course. Has your kid developed an interest in conservation? How about a course taught by Dr. Jane Goodall herself to round out the school year? In this Secular Homeschooler exclusive, we’ll explore ways MasterClass courses rock for homeschooling.

(This post contains affiliate links to support the website. We never recommend resources we wouldn’t use in our own homeschooling experience. We particularly love this resource in our home.)

1. MasterClass: Experts Teaching Their Topics With Passion and Enthusiasm

MasterClass provides a wide range of online courses taught by world-class experts. If your homeschooler shows interest in food, design, art, or acting, there are courses for those. What about business, gaming, writing, tech, or government? Yup, there are MasterClass courses for those as well.

This community often talks about learning from those most passionate about their topic. That’s one of the core concepts of the secular Charlotte Mason movement, amiright? MasterClass courses offer a passionate education for the modern homeschooler. (To easily use alongside that topical book list!)

2. Customized Learning Paths

One of the greatest advantages we get as homeschooling families is learning customization. With MasterClass, parents can curate a personalized learning path. This is a great way to better align with children’s goals and interests. As we all know, this enhances retention and encourages further learning.
Has your homeschooler exhibited a keen interest in filmmaking or acting? Why not let Natalie-freaking-Portman give them technical education and first-hand insight? Has your teen developed an interest in writing? Neil Gaiman is a teen favorite and teaches a whole course on storytelling.

Each course is broken down into video lessons with add-on supplemental material. I’ve taken many of them myself, so I’ve opted to teach through video in my own educational projects. The video lessons are also done in bite-sized lengths, so neither I nor the kids zone out because we’ve sat too long. (#ADHDLife)

Don’t feel like setting up a learning path? Each course pre-suggests a lesson plan. It includes both the video lessons and the supplemental workbook material.

3. Cultivating Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

Secular homeschooling aims to nurture independent thinking and open-mindedness in children. It’s basically the cornerstone of what we’re doing as parents of secular homeschooling. 

MasterClass courses offer thought-provoking, secular content. They encourage students to analyze, question, and form their own conclusions. This fosters critical thinking and a broader perspective on the world around them.

Plus, there are literally courses that teach critical thinking and analytical skills. For example, Noam Chomsky’s course on Independent Thinking.

4. Encouraging Lifelong Learning

While MasterClass courses are perfect for many ages, they’re perfect for lifelong learners. (AKA, us!) With a family subscription, caregivers and educators can take courses that interest them. It’s a great way to show that learning is continuous, even into adulthood. Plus, you can take them alongside your learner. My daughter and I prepared for NaNoWriMo together by taking the RL Stine course on writing for young audiences.

Learning should never be confined to a specific age or time. MasterClass offers an excellent platform for both parents and children to experience the excitement of continuing education together.

5. Real-World Applications

A common concern in homeschooling is the lack of real-world exposure. While we know that’s simply not the case, that’s in part to resources like this. MasterClass is one of those resources that brings real-world thoughts and expertise home.

Cooking with Gordon Ramsay. Mastering negotiation skills with Chris Voss . The practical knowledge gained from these experts equips students with everyday skills.

6. Fostering Independence and Self-Discipline

Self-directed learning is a fundamental aspect of homeschooling. It’s best to offer ways to encourage our learners to take charge of their education. MasterClass allows them to chase what, when, and how they learn.

This autonomy cultivates self-discipline and time management. It also encourages setting and achieving personal goals.

You could work together with your homeschooler to establish a writing unit study. You could also encourage them to follow the learning track established in their course of interest.

Closing Thoughts

MasterClass courses can revolutionize the way your homeschooler studies. It’s a great way to empower them with knowledge, skills, and a well-rounded world perspective.

The expertise of brilliant minds tailored to your homeschooler fosters critical thinking, independence, and lifelong learning.

Embrace the possibilities of homeschooling in the digital age, and watch your child flourish into a well-informed, thoughtful, and capable individual. 



Beth lives in Seattle and has homeschooled her dragons since they were born. She's a designer, artist, writer, editor, and educator. Beth is a publisher in the tabletop gaming industry and tells playable stories for a living.

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