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Changes are Coming to Secular Homeschooler

We’re excited to announce that some new things are brewing here in this space and with our new team.

Our goal has always been to provide lots of information and resources for homeschooling families that value completely secular home-based education.
The time has come for writers and artists to be paid for contributing their beautiful work to Secular Homeschooler. We’ve discovered that the only way to accomplish this is through reliable, regular monthly income. 
Patreon will become our ally in this goal. Through this, we’ll be able to pay contributors and bring in MORE content. We’ll even have a new submission system (coming soon) that will streamline our workflow. This will allow us to provide a complimentary online magazine alongside our regular blog posts, database, and reviews so that ALL families can have access to the same beautiful inspiration we’ve had in Secular Homeschooler Magazine. We’ll also publish our themed print issues four times per year, now with the option to subscribe!
This model will allow for a more sustainable behind-the-scenes process for the Secular Homeschooler team, which means we can keep supporting our community consistently for many years to come. We’re so grateful, and look forward to continuing to educate in community with you.
To see what we have coming next, check out our Patreon.
We love hearing from you, and we’d love to help you publish your thoughts about secular homeschooling! To submit your work for the online and printed publications, follow the link HERE.
Thanks for being on this journey with us,
Elisabeth & Marja

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