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We are a secular homeschooling community of inspired and motivated families educating our freethinking spitfires. We are here because secular homeschoolers need a stronger voice and presence. No longer is homeschooling dominated by parents seeking to shield their children from the worldly teachings of the public school system. Secular homeschooling is a fast-growing movement in the home education community. We are educating to empower and tantalize inquisitive minds with real science, proven history, and free thought. We do not seek to shield, we seek to understand. We recognize that young minds are impressionable and should be encouraged to open, not to close.

Why Secular Homeschooler Was Born:

Secular Homeschooler was created because a frustrated mom (that would be me!) that jumped into the world of homeschooling and discovered how heavily dominated it was by creationist learning material. We found ourselves drawn to beautiful communities that, as it turned out, either required a statement of faith or were simply geared towards families of faith. It’s one thing to be friendly to families of faith, it’s a different thing to cater to only one kind of faith and reject real-world educational opportunities because of it. The worst experience was spending spare money to buy recommended resources that turned out to be underhandedly mislabeled as secular or neutral. #nerdrage

I needed a community to encourage and support my family. I’m sure you do too. My BIG DREAM for this space is to see it manifest into a thriving oasis of secular homeschooling encouragement driven by real families with real stories. Ready to begin?



Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at you? Yeah, me too. I broke down an epic to-do list to get acquainted with Secular Homeschooler.

1. You’ve already completed the most important suggestion on our list by reading our WHY!

2. Check out our Ultimate List of Rated Resources to see if that thing you heard of is ACTUALLY secular. Please, don’t waste your money before you know. And help us keep it updated!

3. Visit our shop and discover exclusive Secular Homeschooler resources and merchandise like our print magazine and bumper stickers!

4. Check out our Amazon Affiliate Storefront!  I know that finding secular material is such a headache sometimes. We are updating our Amazon lists constantly with new exciting finds. All totally secular, totally awesome, and full of Amazon customer reviews. Buying through our Amazon Storefront costs you nothing extra but helps to support website upkeep and therefore the growth of this community!

5. Read our other blog posts. You can even submit blog posts for publication!

6. Become a magazine contributor by visiting our submission page. If you are asking yourself whether you’d be a good fit here, I’m 99% certain you would be. I mean, you’ve made it this far.

7. Are you a business that our secular community would LOVE? You can apply to be a partner here.

8. Here is our Affiliate Disclosure. We strive for absolute transparency in this community-building project.

9. Have any questions or suggestions? Submit them here.

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XO, Beth

Secular Homeschooler

Secular Homeschooler

Secular Homeschooler was created by Elisabeth to bring more resources, transparency, and support to the new generation of homeschoolers.

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Secular Homeschooler was created to ensure you know what you’re getting into when purchasing a homeschooling curriculum for your family.

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