6 Secular Science Resources We Recommend

Are you searching for new science resources to supplement your learning in the new year? Good news, the first-ever Secular Homeschooler Bundle Sale has a great selection! Best of all, you can access all of these resources immediately upon purchase. Here’s the lineup: 1. Chickie And Roo: Biome Collection This is a packed 49-page PDF […]

Review of Be a Naturalist by Science Through Nature

Many homeschoolers value outdoor education and want to incorporate this into their day-to-day practices, but it’s hard to know which direction to take. Focusing on play works well for a time, especially for younger kids. But as kids get older, home educators often look for a productive way to introduce more specific topics into their […]

Introduce Nature Journaling to Your Homeschool

This article by Christina Lowry was originally published in Secular Homeschooler Magazine – Issue No. One in September, 2018. Children are natural artists and scientists. Their innate curiosity drives their exploration of the world around them. They fill their pockets with treasure, ask a million questions and can scribble their way through an entire scrap […]