Totally Secular Homeschool Podcasts to Try

I brought up a question on Instagram last week that brought in a lot of commotion. Podcasts are amazing, apparently!

Brave Writer with Julie Bogart – The Brave Writer podcast is a big juicy conversation about how to bring learning to life for your kids! Julie Bogart and guests talk about how parents and children are partners in the learning adventure, especially when approaching the daunting task of writing. Brave Writer appeals to homeschoolers, educators, and parents who want more out of “school” than merely passing tests.

A note from Julie of Brave Writer:

“My podcast is non-sectarian. It does not endorse or promote any religion. That said: it also does not condemn a person’s beliefs. If a guest comes from a particular religious point of view, we say so at the start of the episode. Bottom line: Our show is about homeschooling, not “right” belief systems. I’m passionate about this aspect of my work.” -Julie Bogart

Fare of the Free Child – A podcast for Black and Brown parents who practice alternative parenting options to the traditional education model that is school. Options like unschooling, worldschooling, roadschooling, slowschooling, eclectic homeschooling, and the myriad other ways that we and our children embrace curiosity-driven, lifelong learning.
The purpose of Fare of the Free Child is to help me amplify the underrepresented voices and unique concerns of people of color looking for real viable options to the oppressive systems that our children are expected to live and learn within.

Homeschool Unrefined – Unrefined: 1. not processed to remove impurities or unwanted elements. 2. not elegant or cultured. Grab a coffee (or kombucha) and chat with Maren and Angela. We’re here to encourage, laugh, and get real about homeschool. We want less of what the world is telling us we need to teach, and more of our true selves. We want less hoops to jump through, and more time to cuddle up and read books. Less chains, more freedom. Shorter to-do lists, more free time. Less stress, more inspiration. Less planning, more being. Less fret, more savoring. Let’s do this together!

Homeschooling in the North Woods –

Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids –

Home School Life, the Podcast – A podcast from the creators of Home School Life Magazine!

Celebrating the Unschooling Life – What is unschooling? How does unschooling work? How can I be an unschooling parent – or a better unschooling parent? This podcast is for people who want to be peaceful and respectful parents. It is for people who think learning is a natural byproduct of being alive and being human. It is for people who want to play in the real world, and have more fun.

Sage Family Podcast – Rachel Rainbolt hosts the Sage Family podcast to inspire and inform radical mamas and papas striving to embrace unschooling, attachment parenting, minimalism, and travel. Are you ready to live the family life of your dreams?

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