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We're Hosting a Back-2-School Bundle Sale!

Are you a creator or company in the homeschooling niche?

The Back-2-School bundle sale by Secular Homeschooler is an incredible opportunity to get your work into the hands of thousands while making money for the new school year.

Bundle sales make great curricula more readily available to the community, offer exposure to homeschooling brands, and help small businesses and homeschooling parents.

Submit Your Homeschool Product

You’re invited to submit if you have a quality, secular product. We’re looking for workbooks, e-courses, printables, and digital resources of all types. The bundle will be organized into a beautiful classroom-style experience for easy access to your amazing offering.

Contribute to accessibility in the homeschooling community while reaping the benefits of leverage in four different ways:

Make a Name For Your Brand With New Audiences

Get the word out about your valuable community resources. The sale will be marketed by every contributor to their own audiences. This is such a beautiful way to build brand awareness!

Build relationships & connections with like-minded educators

This is an opportunity to network and boost the secular homeschooling community. You’ll get to know the other contributors and their work and get access to a private contributor-only media resources. 

more contributions from others equals more sales for you

Maybe your product normally costs $29. How many sales do you make per day? Bundle sales are short but incredibly powerful. You’ll earn a generous 70% of the money on each sale through your unique link. Let’s say the current sale is $98/bundle. That’s $68 per sale with your 70% commission. You’re more likely to sell more bundles each day of the sale than you usually would on your product alone.

Get your work into the hands of actual homeschoolers

If the bundle sale customers love your contribution, they will talk about it. After this sale concludes, your work will be in the hands of hundreds to thousands of new homeschooling families. If we know anything about homeschooling parents, it’s that they LOVE to share what they’re working on as a family. That could be your product or offering!

How Does This Work?

Ready To Get Your Name Out There?

Submit your secular resources and let’s have an epic Back-2-School sale!


Frequently Asked Questions

We gather a bunch of homeschooling products and put them in a private online classroom. We sell this bundle for one low package price. It is a quick sale, anywhere from 6 days to 3 weeks. When the customer purchases, they create a Secular Homeschooler classroom account where they can easily access their content!

You can use our easy submission form. Link below!

Before the sale launches, you will get your own Secular Homeschooler classroom login with your own copy of the bundle. Along with that, you’ll get your contributor account benefits such as a media kit and affiliate links just for you. 

Contributors get paid by making sales through their unique affiliate link. Each sale through their link earns them a 70% commission. Secular Homeschooler makes the other 30%. How much you make will depend on your marketing efforts.

You absolutely can, and we encourage it! You’re affiliate rate will be 45% rather than the 70% offered to full contributors.

Payments are sent to every contributor within 30 business days post-sale.

Secular content is our number one must. Beyond that, we look at overall presentation and quality. If you submit a sample of a product instead of an actual product, it will be categorized as a promotional offer instead of a product.

You will be notified within 72 business hours after submitting your content for review. We may not have time to email every person that fills out the form, but we do consider each that comes in. Audience size is not a factor for us because we truly believe in the power of this to build our secular education community.

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