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Wondering if that cool curricula you heard about is actually secular? Well, wonder no more. Here's your answer!

Issue 4 Mini Submissions

If you wanted to be part of Issue Four, but didn't have a full article to contribute, you can still submit a MINI piece! Deadline is October 31st.

Resource Review Submissions

Please share your experience with whatever you're using in your homeschool so we can share it on the blog!

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We're on issue number three of our AD-FREE literary magazine! Find the digital copy here on SecularHomeschooler.com

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We're on issue number three of our ad-free literary magazine! Find the US print copy here. FREE SHIPPING!

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We're on issue number three of our ad-free literary magazine! Find the UK print copy here. FREE SHIPPING!

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Here there be memes, links to awesome secular homeschooling blog posts, and amazing picks that we discover.

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We have ALL the secular homeschooling goods (that are on Amazon), categorized and ready for your viewing pleasure.

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A state-by-state list.

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