Are you searching for new science resources to supplement your learning in the new year? Good news, the first-ever Secular Homeschooler Bundle Sale has a great selection! Best of all, you can access all of these resources immediately upon purchase. Here’s the lineup:

1. Chickie And Roo: Biome Collection

This is a packed 49-page PDF with information for your learner about the various Biomes on our diverse planet. As soon as you open the link, you can find out the difference between a bog and a swamp, or between a polar desert and an arid desert! You’ll probably want to print the pages out and keep them around for a while, since the information is supplemented by beautiful watercolor art that will engage your learner and soothe your soul. Included are vocabulary cards, world maps showing geographic distribution of the biomes, a biome research report worksheet template, biome posters and art cards, and biome fact cards. This resource is a useful unit study or jumping-off point into ecology, depending on the age of your student.

2. Our Place in the Universe by Creative and Growing Kids

This curriculum uses reading and video assignments from supplemental resources, discussion topics, notebooking assignments, projects, vocabulary words, and other suggested resources to teach learners about our solar system. The spine books are Gail Gibbons’ books in combination with “Space! The Universe as You’ve Never Seen it Before” from DK Smithsonian. All of these books are wonderfully visual nonfiction resources. Once you’ve gathered your materials, you can follow the lessons through four weeks’ worth of learning.  Each week is first outlined and then divided into five days’ worth of topics. Each day’s learning starts with assignments, and typically includes illustrated printables. This resource would work best for lower elementary learners, with different levels of parental guidance needed depending on age. This resource spans 76 pages, and includes an additional 27-page version so you can easily print only the handouts.

3. A Year of Temperatures from School Nest

This is a resource to keep up all year long! Included in our bundle is School Nest’s printable forms to keep track of your local weather for 365 days. Choose your colors to create a key at the bottom of the page and visualize weather patterns in your area. This is a great jumping-off point to discuss weather phenomena and meteorology, seasons, and more. This makes these printables a great supplement for any grade. As a bonus, School Nest has included a lesson planning printable to help you get organized.

4. “Whodunnit?” Bundle of Four Tracking Lessons from Firefly Nature School

This is a great unit study that will get your kids outdoors and learning about the animals in your community. Included are four sections: Track Meet, Setting the Trap, That’s Scat, and Scat Snack. Track Meet will introduce you to the art and science of tracking. You’ll learn about tracking in general, and about the tracks of specific mammals living in North America. There are additional questions to consider, and advice about how to proceed as you hope to find your first animal tracks! In Setting the Trap, you can learn how to set track traps! You won’t trap any animals, just their tracks. Without helping them to leave tracks behind, sometimes animals are too sneaky for us to know they’ve been right in our yards! That’s Scat will teach you about tracking by way of something else that animals leave behind: scat! Animals transmit a lot of information through their droppings, and you can learn to decode it. It’s not gross if it’s science! You’ll learn to get really comfortable with scat in Scat Snack, which will give you a recipe for a scat-themed snack to make. It may look gross but it will taste delicious! You can share your creation while you learn more about the animal world, and go through the last of the discussion questions. Have fun out there!

5. Body Books: Bundled Lessons by Wee Little Nomads

This PDF makes full use of each of its 203 pages to teach students about the human body. The curriculum provides detailed information about the major systems of the body: cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, urinary, endocrine, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, lymphatic, and immune. Students will have a solid foundation of understanding regarding anatomy and physiology when they’ve finished! The information is delivered through illustrations, text, worksheets, and activities. Beyond basic descriptions of the systems of the body, the lessons also include information about possible pathologies such as celiac disease, asthma, and cancer. The information is handled in a style that’s appropriate and informative for students in elementary grades. This curriculum is very “pick up and go,” with no prep required to get started.

6. Bitsbox Beginner App Coding Projects for Kids

Bitsbox has contributed five beginner coding activities for kids who want to learn about coding apps and games! To get started you’ll follow instructions to access the site and code three mini-apps. From there, you’ll move forward and learn how to code four more apps called Chicken Chatter, Digital Doodle Book, Rocket Rescue, and Soccer Snakes. Instructions are super straightforward and you can start coding right away! This is a great way for students to start understanding how apps and games are created.

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