Review of Deschooling Essentials E-Course by Fearless Homeschool

When starting their journey, most homeschooling parents begin by seeking advice from more experienced homeschoolers. There’s no one right way to homeschool, but there’s one piece of advice that comes up repeatedly: spend some time deschooling first! It can feel really scary for families to just “turn off” the schooling. Most of us have been […]

6 Secular Science Resources We Recommend

Are you searching for new science resources to supplement your learning in the new year? Good news, the first-ever Secular Homeschooler Bundle Sale has a great selection! Best of all, you can access all of these resources immediately upon purchase. Here’s the lineup: 1. Chickie And Roo: Biome Collection This is a packed 49-page PDF […]

Review of Oh, Freedom by Woke Homechooling

Homeschooling mom Delina Pryce McPhaul, of Woke Homeschooling, didn’t initially set out to write a curriculum. But, after making the effort to give her children an accurate picture of US history, she realized that that’s exactly what she’d done. After a long slog of adapting and supplementing whitewashed curriculums, she had enough material to create […]

Introducing Our First Ever Resource Bundle Sale!

We are so excited to announce our first ever bundle sale! If this one goes well, we’ll be able to offer them a couple times each year. Bundle sales are really exciting for both the community as well as the content creators. As you may know, so much of the homeschooling resources within the community […]

Review of Be a Naturalist by Science Through Nature

Many homeschoolers value outdoor education and want to incorporate this into their day-to-day practices, but it’s hard to know which direction to take. Focusing on play works well for a time, especially for younger kids. But as kids get older, home educators often look for a productive way to introduce more specific topics into their […]

Presidential Election 2020: A FREE Guide for Young People

Engaging in the U.S. Presidential Election A lot of home educators want to engage their students in learning about contemporary U.S. politics, especially the upcoming presidential election. It can be hard to know where to start.  There’s so much political noise to parse that many adults don’t understand what the key issues are. Presidential Election […]