Celebrating Science and Inquiry on Darwin Day

  “I am not apt to follow blindly the lead of other men.”  ― Charles Darwin, The Life And Letter of Charles Darwin, 1887   In discussing the theme of this issue with my fifteen-year-old, he accused me of treating secularism as a type of religion itself. “Why do you even need secular celebrations? Isn’t […]

What is a Loop Schedule and How to Make One for Your Homeschool

  What is a Loop Schedule? A Loop Schedule is an alternative to the traditional scheduling method of assigning lessons, books, or projects to days of the week. Here is a totally free digital planner that includes a Loop Schedule section! For example, a traditional schedule may look like the following: Monday – History Project […]

Finding Magic in Prehistory – From the Big Bang to the Quaternary Period

This piece is written and photographed by Dani Johnston and originally published in Issue Three of the Secular Homeschooler literary journal. There are affiliate links within this post, which means that we earn a very small percentage of sales made through the links at no extra cost to you. (Thanks for supporting the site!) Tonight […]

Introduce Nature Journaling to Your Homeschool

This article by Christina Lowry was originally published in Secular Homeschooler Magazine – Issue No. One in September, 2018. Children are natural artists and scientists. Their innate curiosity drives their exploration of the world around them. They fill their pockets with treasure, ask a million questions and can scribble their way through an entire scrap […]